MEMORABLE QUOTES FROM THE EPISODE: [00:13:05] "If you're an implementation person and you love implementing, that's awesome because you don't have to learn the people skills, you don't have to become a leader, so on and so forth. And you can still land jobs."

Do What You Love Doing - Lillian PiersonHIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW:

[00:12:08] Everybody wants to break into data science but nobody is willing to appreciate.

[00:22:43] Do you have to know what skill sets you’re working with?

[00:25:40] How can you get more information from your stakeholders?

[00:27:23] What a day in the life of a Data entrepreneur is like?

[00:32:11] How are you managing your time on a day to day basis?

[00:41:48] How is your experience been working with the coach?

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