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AoF 56: 3 Clever Ways to use Storytelling in Data Science w/ Kirk Borne

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AoF 56: 3 Clever Ways to use Storytelling in Data Science w/ Kirk BorneStill struggling to explain data science to non data scientist?

This episode is for you! My guest today teaches you three clever and practical ways to use data storytelling in data science that he uses himself to speak to thousands across the globe.

Kirk is the number one influencer in data science and has been for many years. He’s a professor and former ‘rocket scientist’ at NASA. I got a chance to co-present with him at the Open Data Science conference a few years ago and I really enjoyed how he was able to simplify data science for the layman.

Whether or not you have a data science team, today’s episode is really going to help you understand how to make data science more accessible to non data scientists using the skill of data storytelling to communicate.

Tune into to hear Kirk talks about the importance of tuning in to the story, not algorithm in the data science!


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3 Knowledge Bombs

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [00:40]  – Transformational Stories and Lessons Learned: 3 ways to use data storytelling in data science.
  • [01:01]  – User Expectations: Who Kirk Borne is and what he is all about.
  • [09:40]  – How Kirk and Mico met.
  • [11:20]  – “I say that I am 3/1000ths as famous as Taylor Swift.” –Kirk Borne
  • [11:58]  – Key Quote: “I really credit a lot of my scientific curiosity and things to that time I spent in England.” –Kirk Borne
  • [19:50]  – Storytelling as a means of visualization
  • [22:39]  – What sequence of communication works best
  • [25:04]  – Who data storytelling is for
  • [26:52]  – How to think about answering questions with data storytelling
  • [26:52]  – How to think about answering the questions with data storytelling.
  • [27:55]  – Approaching the “now what” and getting people to action.
  • [29:59]  – Embracing data storytelling in data science.
  • [34:44]  – Product recommendation engines.
  • [38:40]  – Challenges with this topic.
  • [39:40]  – Resistance to change.
  • [42:58]   – Key Quote: “The people problems, as you know, those to me are the true problems.” –Mico Yuk
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