The long-awaited guide to breaking into data is finally upon us!

A Badass’s Guide to Breaking into Data tells the story of how a young environmental engineer retooled her skill set to become a data scientist, and later turned her passion for data into a thriving business. Paramount to this storyline, the ebook provides 52 pages of free advice about how to break into the data professions by either getting a data job or starting your own small consultancy. This book is free to download and share, but please implement its suggestions responsibly.

This book was written for...

 This book is for people who want to develop or advance their careers in the data space. It’s also for people who’d like to become independent consultants or entrepreneurs within the data niche. Because I’m an American expat who can often be found working from my luxury villa on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, and because I travel to about 10 countries per year, my brand often attracts the “nomadic entrepreneur” type. They too may find this guide useful.

This badass guide covers:

  • Course recommendations for becoming a self-taught data scientist or engineer

  • Tips on getting real-world programming experience in data

  • Tips on showing off your data-savvy (and increasing your sphere of influence)

  • Who you should be following if you want to be a top data professional

  • How to build an awesome data blog (and make a name for yourself while you’re at it)

  • Must-do tips for building out your data coding portfolio

badass's guide to breaking into data

A Badass's Guide To Breaking Into Data

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If you find this book helpful, my two requests of you are...

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Hi, I'm Lillian Pierson, PE

Hi I’m Lillian – I’m the one who wrote this badass guide. I’ve been helping data professionals for over a decade. I’m also the owner of Data-Mania, LLC.

Fun fact about me: From 2010 to now, I’ve held down a full-time career while also traveling to 40 countries across 5 continents.


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