In this episode, Cassidy speaks with Lillian Pierson, a world-class data leader, entrepreneur, and educator, and the CEO of Data Mania. They discuss different approaches data professionals can take to become data entrepreneurs and how data science has evolved over the years. Lillian has trained over 1 million data professionals through her YouTube videos, online courses, and books. She’s particularly passionate about helping data professionals and new data entrepreneurs start their own business. As an independent consultant, she has supported over 10% of Fortune 100 companies and she’s been featured in Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and The Guardian, among dozens of other publications.

The Journey to Becoming a Successful Data EntrepreneurThey discuss:

  • Lillian’s journey building an online business around data education
  • Avenues for becoming a data entrepreneur
  • Defining your audience in the data & analytics space
  • Data science career trajectories
  • Lillian’s 2 methods to start a side hustle
  • Approaching data as a product versus a supply chain
    The case for creating data products

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    Lillian Pierson, P.E.

    Lillian Pierson is a CEO & data leader that supports data professionals to evolve into world-class leaders & entrepreneurs. To date, she’s helped educate over 1.7 million data professionals on AI and data science. Lillian has authored 9 data books with Wiley & Sons Publishers as well as 16 data courses with LinkedIn Learning. She’s supported a wide variety of organizations across the globe, from the United Nations and National Geographic, to Ericsson and Saudi Aramco, and everything in between. She is a licensed Professional Engineer, in good standing. She’s been a technical consultant since 2007 and a data business mentor since 2018. She occasionally volunteers her expertise in global summits and forums on data privacy and ethics.

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