How To Get Started As A Data Consultant Fast
Curious to know how to get started as a data consultant? If you’ve been thinking of doing some data consulting...
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How to Become a Freelance Data Scientist
What data science professional out there hasn’t thought about making a little extra moolah by moonlighting...
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Consulting Rates For Online Data Analytics Services in 2021 in Western Economies - CHARGE $300/HOUR+
Wondering what the data analytics consulting rates are in western economies? Let me guess – you’ve...
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What does a data product manager do? 3 types of work I do
Curious about what a data product manager does on a daily basis? Sweet! I’ve been managing data products...
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How To Create A Data Product That Generates At Least $450000 Per Month
Who’s curious about how to create a data product and learn how profitable they can really be? If...
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A Self-Taught Data Product Manager Curriculum - Best Books to Read to GET THE JOB
You’re a data professional who’s curious about possibly stepping up into a data product manager position?...
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The Secret To Building AI Software That Actually Sells
Wanna know the secrets to building AI software that sells? If you’ve got an awesome idea for an...
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Simplest Data Business Models for New Data Freelancers and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT INVESTORS
Wondering what the simplest data business models are available for new data entrepreneurs? How often...
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The Best Revenue Models for Startups in the Tech and Data Space
Are you ready to get out of the feast and famine freelancer cycle and start implementing some SERIOUSLY...
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Let's dive in to learning about data science in marketing!
Data Science In Marketing – How Much It’s Worth And Where To Get Trained
[UPDATED: April 2022] When you think of marketing teams, the usual suspects probably come to mind. Developers...
The Freelance Data Analyst’s Guide To Pricing Your Services at $100/Hour
Are you skilled in data analytics? Ever dreamt of being your own boss? If so, becoming a freelance data...
charge premium prices for data services
Charge Premium Prices For Data Services: 3 Secrets To Make More Money
Whether you’re a data entrepreneur looking to scale as quickly and painlessly as possible or a data freelancer...
Freelance data scientist
To The Freelance Data Scientist: These 5 Myths Will Prevent Your Success
Are you a new or aspiring freelance data scientist? To quickly build a profitable freelance data business,...
customer profiling and segmentation
Customer Profiling and Segmentation in Ecommerce
Today’s post provides an overview, example, and conceptual demonstration of customer profiling...
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Storing Data in the Public Cloud What You Should Know
Storing Data in the Public Cloud: What You Should Know
Do you know what a public cloud is, and how it can help your business’s storage needs? Read this...
data science for dummies edition 3 giveaway
NEW & Improved: Data Science for Dummies Book, Edition 3 Giveaway!!!
Say hello to the brand new Data Science for Dummies Edition 3!! GIVEAWAY TIME!! We’re pulling out...
free data product manager template
Get the Data Product Manager CV Template here
Envelope Linkedin Instagram Facebook Twitter Data Product Managers… FREE COMPANY-THEMED RESUME...
vince lee case study
AoF 68: Put your Data Strategy into Action and Get Results in 90 Days w/ Vincent Lee
AoF 68: Put your Data Strategy into Action and Get Results in 90 Days w/ Vincent Lee [mashshare shares=”false”...
Jordan Morrow
AoF 66: Why You Should Stop Saying Data Literacy part 2 w/ Jordan Morrow
Analytics On Fire Podcast Co-hosted by Lillian Pierson Analytics on Fire is your backstage pass inside...
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how to sign high-paying clients
Data Entrepreneur: How to Sign High-Paying Clients
Wondering how to sign high-paying clients in your data business? Newer data entrepreneurs are always...
how to build a data empire
How She Built a Data Empire Working Abroad! (Lillian Pierson) - KNN Ep. 41
In this episode, Lillian shares the story of her early affinity towards data and how she's building her...
simplest data business models for new data freelancers and entrepreneurs without investors
Simplest Data Business Models for New Data Freelancers and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT INVESTORS
Wondering what the simplest data business models are available for new data entrepreneurs? How often...
best books for tech entrepreneurs
The 4 Best Books for Tech Entrepreneurs & Data Founders
In my 8 years of running my own data business, I’ve taken countless courses and coaching programs, read...
selling data courses online tips
4 Sure-fire Ways To Be Successful Selling Data Courses Online
If you’re a new or aspiring data entrepreneur, you may have thought about selling data courses online...
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data platform examples
Data Platform Examples: What are the 3 major options?
The business world is becoming increasingly data-driven, and modern organizations need to keep up with...
a clear explanation of AI vs. ML vs. DL vs. Data Science
AI Vs. DL Vs. Data Science Vs. ML: What's the difference??
AI vs. ML vs. DL vs. Data Science – How are they different from each other and how are they related?...
Marketing data scientist success story
How this marketing data scientist made $370k in <18 months
Dear marketing data scientist (or data scientist of any discipline, really), If you’ve been thinking...
data science in cybersecurity
Data science in cybersecurity: How things have changed
Data science brings a logical structure to unstructured data. Data scientists use machine or deep learning...
5 Ways to use R Programming for Data Science
5 Ways to use R Programming for Data Science
Are you looking for the right information on how to use R programming for data science? If YES, then...
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