The 9th episode of the MindSpeaking Podcast hosted by Gilbert Eijkelenboom, the Founder of MindSpeaking, features Lillian Pierson, the CEO and Head of Product at Data-Mania. Known widely across the data community, she supports data professionals in transforming into world-class leaders and entrepreneurs. She has trained well over 1,7000,000 individuals on the topics of AI and data science.

In this episode, you will learn important key points from Lillian – things she’s been learning from her experience being a data entrepreneur. The following timestamps, as provided in the original video here 👉, will help you access your most favorite part and the topic you are most interested in right away! 

How to Become a Data Entrepreneur Interview highlights:

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Introduction of the guest
01:53 Who is Lillian Pierson?
03:31 Product management and growing data-intensive businesses
04:30 What makes you so passionate about products?
05:33 Being an entrepreneur or building their own business
07:48 What can you learn from product managers?
12:42 Stakeholder feedback
18:29 What made you move to Thailand and how did those career choices develop?
21:25 Dream about traveling the world, living abroad, and being an entrepreneur
25:02 How to slow down?
28:48 What have you learned about teaching online?
31:33 Moment of reflection
33:18 How do you think Data scientists need to be taught differently?
36:10 About Data-Mania
39:51 Where to follow Lillian Pierson?
40:53 Conclusion

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