The Tools & Resources That We Use...

on a daily or weekly basis. I promise that these tools are absolute gamechangers. They’re the very best ones that I’ve discovered on the market – I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t!

Tools & Resources

Before you dive in, please be aware - although I only recommend tools that I use, that I love, and that provide TREMENDOUS value - I also may make a small commission if you purchase one of these tools through the links below. Thank you for supporting small business!

If you have any questions about these tools, please email us at and we will be happy to get you sorted!

Mouseflow - Behavior analytics for optimal website UX

Wanna understand where your site visitors are getting stuck? Where to go to find and fix leaky holes in your funnel? If these issues are top of mind for you then you'll definitely love Mouseflow. Look, we’ve used A LOT of A/B testing and heatmap analytics tools over the last decade, but Mouseflow takes valuable website analytics to the next level. Def recommended!

Castmagic - Podcast & YouTube Show Notes & Content In A Click

K, so we all know ChatGPT, do we not? Castmagic is like ChatGPT for converting raw audio and video files into pure polished marketing collateral. The beautiful thing about Castmagic (well there are lots of beautiful things actually!) ... No, but the beautiful thing about it is that the marketing collateral that it produces embodies your thought product and your work product. You're still sharing your expertise, but in 1/1000th of the time it used to take.

Countdown Hero - Boost Sales 400% With Automated, Personalised CountdownHero Timers

I literally used to spend over $450 per year just for 3 little countdown timers by Deadline Funnel. I knew that the price was unreasonable, but I needed an authentic urgency control mechanism and Deadline Funnel was the only game in town. That's all changed now with the advent of Countdown Hero. Through the button below, they're offering lifetime access to their countdown timer tool (that offers equivalent capabilities to Deadline Funnel) for just $67! In the plan, they'll give you 5 full campaigns too (which is almost double what Deadline Funnel provides on their $39/month plan!). Don't miss out on this deal while it still lasts!

Funnel Gorgeous - Get A Lifetime Deal On This All-in-one Marketing Software To Grow Your Digital Empire...

Back in 2020, I switched to the Funnel Gorgeous flavor of the SaaS called High Level. If you're a techie, this platform is the ultimate, most-extensible all-in-one marketing platform you'll find anywhere. It basically replaces Infusion Soft while costing 1/10 of the price. For our startup, we use Funnel Gorgeous as a CRM, email service provider, learning management system, and membership integrator. It also has deep capabilities for supporting the pipeline needs of typical service providers and agencies. You can even use it to manage customers that you generate from outbound marketing tactics, if that's your jam. You can also use it to manage your social media accounts and paid ads. The platform has all the built-in funnels you'd need and you can run your checkouts straight through your Funnel Gorgeous account. It's a bit of a haul to get it set up properly so that you're able to benefit from the depth of services this tool provides, but if you're a techie like me - that ain't no thing! Go check it out and see what you think. If you have any questions regarding the platform, please reach out to and we'll be happy to get you sorted.

Socialmonials - Revolutionize Your Social Media Presence With Automated Scheduling, Viral Giveaways, And Advanced Analytics

Spice up your social media game by incorporating user-generated content, hosting exciting contests and sweepstakes, and monitoring your influencers and social media metrics.

Segmetrics - Get Clarity On Your True Lead Value

This tool is a literal one-stop shop for marketing analytics that are purely related to leads and sales for your business. Imagine spending 5 minutes configuring your account and then forever more knowing exactly which marketing channels are performing best, quantified by the exact number of leads and / or sales generated per channel per unit time. That's the power of Segmetrics!

Metricool - The Cool Social Media Management Tool

We started using Metricool's free account because it allowed us to schedule short-form videos for YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, and Tiktok - all at once. It of course allows you to schedule content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest as well. With the recent Twitter API access debacle, we ended up switching over to Metricool as our main scheduling tool. It costs less, creates more efficiency, and offers superior channel analytics compared to any other scheduling tool we've used. Metricool is, well, very cool!