The Women in AI Trailblazers series is a partnership between Discovering Data and Women in AI (WAI). This initiative showcases global data leaders and invites less-represented people to lead the data conversation. It is a series of short interviews focused on the person behind the leader, and is designed to inspire more women to lead the data conversation.


Today’s first Trailblazer episode, Trailblazer Series #1, features Lillian Pierson, CEO and Head of Product at Data-Mania where she supports data professionals in evolving into world-class leaders & entrepreneurs. Lillian has 16 years of experience launching and developing technology products and delivering strategic consulting services. Many of the products she’s managed educate learners on how to apply data science, data strategy, and business strategy to increase profits for their companies. To date, these products have been consumed by 1.3 MM+ learners and have generated over $5.5 MM in revenue.

Women in AI Trailblazer with Lillian Pierson
In this episode, you will learn the following key points from Lillian Pierson:

  • Lessons learned in scaling Data-Mania
  • The COMMUNITY mindset
  • The state of Women in Data and AI

About Discovering Data:

Discovering Data is a community of data leaders that believe in curiosity, empathy, and inclusion.

About Women in AI:

WAI is a nonprofit do-tank working towards a change and inclusive AI that benefits global society.

Watch the full episode below:


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Lillian Pierson, P.E.

Lillian Pierson is a CEO & data leader that supports data professionals to evolve into world-class leaders & entrepreneurs. To date, she’s helped educate over 1.3 million data professionals on AI and data science. Lillian has authored 6 data books with Wiley & Sons Publishers as well as 8 data courses with LinkedIn Learning. She’s supported a wide variety of organizations across the globe, from the United Nations and National Geographic, to Ericsson and Saudi Aramco, and everything in between. She is a licensed Professional Engineer, in good standing. She’s been a technical consultant since 2007 and a data business mentor since 2018. She occasionally volunteers her expertise in global summits and forums on data privacy and ethics.

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