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The Convergence - An online community space that's dedicated to empowering operators in the data industry by providing news and education about evergreen strategies, late-breaking data & AI developments, and free or low-cost upskilling resources that you need to thrive as a leader in the data & AI space.

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We know a thing or two about supporting deep tech B2B startups (like Cloudera, SingleStore, and Domino Data Lab) and global corporations (like IBM, SAP, Amazon, and Ericcson) with powerful product and program marketing strategies.

Top-Of-Funnel Growth: ~700,000​

We’ve grown top-of-funnel channels, from 0 to an audience size of ~700,000.

Product Distribution: ~2 Million​

Through our partnerships & digital products, we’ve educated ~2 million tech workers worldwide on topics related to data science, AI, marketing strategy & growth strategy.

10% Fortune 100

Our products & services have supported 10% of Fortune 100 companies.