How To Get Started As A Data Consultant Fast
Curious to know how to get started as a data consultant? If you’ve been thinking of doing some data consulting...
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How to Become a Freelance Data Scientist
What data science professional out there hasn’t thought about making a little extra moolah by moonlighting...
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Consulting Rates For Online Data Analytics Services in 2021 in Western Economies - CHARGE $300/HOUR+
Wondering what the data analytics consulting rates are in western economies? Let me guess – you’ve...
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What does a data product manager do? 3 types of work I do
Curious about what a data product manager does on a daily basis? Sweet! I’ve been managing data products...
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How To Create A Data Product That Generates At Least $450000 Per Month
Who’s curious about how to create a data product and learn how profitable they can really be? If...
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A Self-Taught Data Product Manager Curriculum - Best Books to Read to GET THE JOB
You’re a data professional who’s curious about possibly stepping up into a data product manager position?...
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The Secret To Building AI Software That Actually Sells
Wanna know the secrets to building AI software that sells? If you’ve got an awesome idea for an...
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Simplest Data Business Models for New Data Freelancers and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT INVESTORS
Wondering what the simplest data business models are available for new data entrepreneurs? How often...
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The Best Revenue Models for Startups in the Tech and Data Space
Are you ready to get out of the feast and famine freelancer cycle and start implementing some SERIOUSLY...
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a demo on WebScraping with Python and BeautifulSoup
WebScraping with Python and BeautifulSoup: Part 1 of 3
In today’s demo, I am going to teach you about the basics of using WebScraping with Python and BeautifulSoup....
build your own awesome data science blog
15+ Tips on Building An Awesome Data Science Blog
If you’ve been following along with the Data-Mania blog recently you’ve already learned why making your...
How To Win Kaggle
How To Win Kaggle: Hear Owen Zhang Spill His Secrets…
Many people are already skilled in data science, yet struggle to find a job. This difficulty usually...
learn to make a recommendation engine in python
[Course] Quickly Learn to Make a Recommendation Engine in Python
Quickly Learn to Make a Recommendation Engine in Python [Course]    Welcome from Introduction...
the data scientist confession
21 Secret Confessions Everyone Should Hear Before Becoming a Data Scientist
(Preface: Today’s post is a guest post that was written by Aaron Gendle, a Senior Consultant and...
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