In today’s video, you’ll learn some core differences between business intelligence and data science.

Business Intelligence
Data Sources Mostly internal
Technologies OLAP / ETL / Data warehousing
Types of Data Customer service/Sales/Marketing/Operational/Employee performance
Expertise IT/Business Technology
Outputs Reports/Data Tables/Dashboards
Data Science
Data Sources Internal and external
Technologies Cloud platforms / R / Python / Machine learning
Types of Data Transactional/Social/Machine/Audio/Video/Emails/PDFs
Expertise Math/Stats/Coding/Business
Outputs Interactive analytics/Data visualizations

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Lillian Pierson, P.E.

Hi, I'm Lillian Pierson, PE (CEO of Data-Mania). I’m a data leader that supports data professionals to get ahead in their own data careers by developing data leadership capabilities. To date, I’ve trained over 1 million workers on the topics of AI and data science. Since 2013, Data-Mania, LLC has provided high-impact training to data-driven professionals so they can support their organizations in making major digital transformations. Additionally, we offer powerful online programs designed to transform data professionals into data leaders.

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  1. Monalucci

    Thìs difference is very clear now.I used to think being a BI developer automatically makes u a data scientists.

    1. I don’t know… BI Developer sounds more like data engineering than data science. Are you using advanced math and statistics to make predictions and tell the business exactly what they need to do to get a certain result? That’s more the data science end of the spectrum…

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