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AoF 66: Why You Should Stop Saying Data Literacy
w/ Jordan Morrow

Jordan Morrow

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why stop saying data literacyData literacy is one of the most sought after cultural transformations of 2020. In episode #47 we discussed ‘Why we should stop saying ’data literacy’.

Today’s guest, Jordan Morrow, shared the episode on Linkedin sparking off some very interesting and even defensive responses from the data literacy social media mafia.

Today, Jordan joins the podcast to share his unique point of view on the topic.

Known as the pioneer of data literacy, tune in to learn how to start a data literacy practice, the best audience for data literacy skills, and what the most important data literacy skills are.

Knowledge bombs galore!


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3 Knowledge Bombs

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [03:05]  – User Expectations: 3 practical steps to start with data literacy
  • [09:38]  – Jordan’s role in Qlik
  • [11:10]  – What most people don’t know about Jordan
  • [13:07]  – How Jordan got started in his current role
  • [15:58]  – The impact of Jordan’s data literacy courses
  • [16:43]  – Key Quote: “Not everyone needs to be a data scientist, but everyone should develop skills in data analytics in today’s day and age.” – Jordan Morrow
  • [17:18]  – How Jordan measures impact
  • [18:54]  – Key Quote: “In the middle of my workshops, I tell everybody, remember, the way that you approach this is In God we trust, everybody else bring data.” –Mico Yuk
  • [21:46]  – Jordan defines data literacy
  • [22:04]  – The most important skill when it comes to data literacy
  • [22:53]  – The order that data literacy skills should be taught in
  • [24:46]  – Who need data literacy?
  • [26:14]  – Key Quote: “I think people forget that data and analytics absolutely has these soft skills as a part of it.” – Jordan Morrow
  • [27:36]  – Jordan discusses the controversial reactions Jordan got to his Linkedin post about why you should stop saying data literacy
  • [27:49]  – Key Quote: “I think for me, it is so vastly important that opposing views get brought to every table so that you come to the most intelligent and concrete decision with it.” –Jordan Morrow
  • [28:26]  – Key Quote: “Everybody has a comfort level with data literacy.” –Jordan Morrow
  • [29:25]  – Other phrases that could be used instead of data literacy
  • [32:55]  – Results of studies on who is comfortable with their data literacy skills?
  • [35:05]  – The audience for data literacy
  • [40:20]  – The human side of data and analytics
  • [43:38]  – The problem with tying data literacy to a tool/software
  • [44:20]  – How smaller teams should get started with data literacy
  • [46:49]  – How long planning, prep, and execution should take when starting a data literacy practice
  • [49:35]  – Is a third party is necessary for the planning phase?
  • [51:53]  – How long a data literacy rollout should take
  • [54:19]  – Why companies aren’t putting data strategies in place first
  • [57:46]  – A time when things didn’t go the way that Jordan had planned
  • [1:05:16]  – Who inspires Jordan
  • [1:06:35]  – The best way to stay in touch with Jordan
  • [1:07:46]  – The human impact of data literacy report
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