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Data Journalism

Telling stories with data visualizations and words...

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Data Visualization

Deriving insights for data-driven decision-support...

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Geographic Information Systems

Map-making, spatial data analysis, and scripting...

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Telling awesome stories about innovative things that people do with data...

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Data Analysis

Deriving value and insight from raw and messy data...

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Data Analytics

Data-driven decision support through advanced analytics design...

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Growth Hacking

Using data analytics to reverse engineer business success...

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View Our Projects

  • Economic Development Modeling

  • Refugee Camp Geo-Stats

  • GIS Staff Performance Monitoring

  • Uchaguzi (Election Monitoring)

  • OrangeStat

  • Staff Performance Monitoring

  • ArcGIS Online Site Development

  • Data & Deforestation

  • Spatial Forecasting

  • Environmental Dashboards

  • Big Data & Engineering Journalism

  • Analytics Journalism


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Driving business growth by deriving actionable insights from raw, messy data...


Data-Harvested Knowledge = Power

I love data, big and small...

Data Visualization

I make sense of your raw and messy data. Once I've found the most relevant insights, I create static and interactive visualizations that show you what you need to know about your business.

Growth Hacking

To really drive business growth, you'll have to delve much deeper than awareness and customer acquisition. You need a data scientist with serious engineering, design, and marketing skills to drive growth in the activation, retention, revenue, and referral layers of the sales funnel. That's called "growth hacking".


I love telling cool stories about innovative things that people are doing with data. I also love telling stories with data myself. Some people call this type of story-telling "data journalism".




Driving business growth by deriving actionable insights from raw, messy data...

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