Why Contribute To The Data-Mania Blog

Data-Mania, LLC has been operating a small and popular technolgy startup blogging publication since 2013. We are known for publishing high-quality, relevant content that’s created expressly for helping tech startup founders and leaders make more money.

In terms of search rank, the average search position of content on the Data-Mania blog beats that of KDNuggets, Analytics Vidhya, and Deloitte. This means that, when your content is published on the Data-Mania blog, it has a fairly good chance of pulling long-term search traffic from Google.

Not only that, but we offer our contributors free content management support to make sure that their content is fully SEO-optimized (and that they’re writing for the timeliest keyword possible), thus increasing the chances that your content will earn long term search traffic from Google. We are strict about content quality and protecting the domain authority of our website – which means that, when your content gets placed with us, its credibility will also be protected.

Additionally, when we publish your content, we will promote it among our community of 650k data professionals. This is to ensure that your contribution helps as many data professionals as we can muster AND that it gets seen by individuals who may be in the market to hire someone with your unique data expertise.

When we publish your content on the Data-Mania blog, rest assured that we are rooting for you, your dreams, your ambitions, and your aspirations to help make the world a better, more data-driven place. We want your content to help others and we want you to see the fruits that this labor should deliver to you (in terms of more growth for you and your startup!)

Unlike blogging platforms like Towards Data Science, we do not discriminate against small business owners. If you are a tech freelancer, consultant or owner of an SMB tech business, you are welcome to contribute here (so long as your blog post is independently helpful to our readers and does not require them to pay to get that help).

Also unlike Towards Data Science, we do not get paid for your content. We do not run ads on this website, and we do not use pay-walls to keep people from being helped by your contribution.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the world of tech startups, product growth, product management, growth marketing, or data science, then we want to hear from you. 

We want to help you grow, and we want to grow WITH you together. If you’re interested in contributing, please review our contribution policy and process below and then send us an email pitching your content idea!

Blog Contribution Policy & Process

Thank you (in advance) for your interest in contributing content to the Data-Mania blog. Please take a moment to review the following policies regarding blog contributions.

[X] We do not engage in link-exchanges.

[X] We do not sell link-backs to other websites.

[X] We do not publish plagiarized content or AI-generated content. YES- we check all contributions for legitimacy and adherence. All contributions must article(s) pass above 90% with this AI content detector, or we cannot run them (no AI content was specified on editorial policy). And, if your content comes up as plagiarized, you will be barred from ever contributing on our website in the future.

[] We do accept blog contributions which meet the following criteria:

      • Relevant & Actionable: The Data-Mania community is dedicated to equipping data & technology service providers, SaaS founders, and consultants with the cutting-edge insights, trends, and impartial perspectives they need to harness the potential of applied AI, build strategic data-intensive solutions, and catalyze rapid business growth. All article contributions should be relevant to that mission. Please be clear in your article by directly stating:
        • Who the article is for: Data & technology service providers, SaaS founders, and consultants, and;
        • Why they should care: ie; how they can use the information in your article in their quest to harness the potential of applied AI, build strategic data-intensive solutions, and catalyze rapid business growth.
      • Length: 800 to 1200 words minimum
      • Required submittals:
        • a blog draft (via Google Doc)
        • a suggested summary
        • a brief author bio, headshot, and author URL on social media (optional – if you don’t want attribution as the author of the article, then this is not needed)
      • Promotions:
        • If you want to discuss a specific product or service in your article, that is ok – but if you do so, please make sure to also discuss 3+ services or products that are similar to it.
      • Opinions must be supported by evidentiary facts along with links to external references. Each submission should have 3+ external supporting links to relevant, reputable references or it will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject contributions that link to non-relevant or non-reputable resources or websites.
      • Relevant topics: Applied AI, data strategy, product growth, product management, growth marketing, and data science.
      • We reserve the right to repurpose and reuse any content that is published on the Data-Mania blog.

After you have reviewed and agreed to the above policies, the next step is to send us your concept for the blog post you would like to create. We will then review that concept and approve it (potentially with some small changes requested). To submit your concept, please email Joanna at communication@data-mania.com.