What is Data Science? Get the full answer here…

What is Data Science? Get the full answer here…

With artificial intelligencebig data and the internet of things continually revolutionizing (and improving) lives, more and more people are becoming aware of a field called data science. In fact, so many people are asking the question, “what is data science?”, that Wiley and Sons Publishers decided to publish a book that answers that exact question. That book is Data Science for Dummies. It was written by Lillian Pierson and the Edition 2 update was released in March 2017.

The answer to the million-dollar question “what is data science?” is nothing simple, but it can be understood in simple terms. That’s what Data Science for Dummies is all about – explaining data science through a series of simple and concise explanations on topics that comprise the field. Keep reading to see why the information contained in Data Science for Dummies is so timely and important to the continued success of knowledge workers in every industry.

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answers to the question what is data science?

Learn about data science practices you can use to reach your goals and advance your career

In today’s day and age, there’s not enough time to do and learn all the things that are required. Money isn’t growing on trees and business gets increasingly complex with every year that passes. No matter the industry, there’s a constant demand for 21st century professionals to stay on top of technology and innovation. Most people understand enough to know that big data and data science are revolutionizing industries, but they don’t know how they can begin using these to advance their own lives and careers. Data Science for Dummies can help!

We’re giving out a free all-in-one infographic that serves as a long-form overview of what’s covered in the 384-page book, Data Science for Dummies. Get this free overview before purchasing, so you can be certain that the book is exactly what you’re looking for. You can download it by clicking on the image below.

Download the free 5-part overview that helps answer the question, “What is data science?”…

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Data Science for Dummies is a concise, easy-to-read guidebook that’s written to show professionals and students of all industries how they can begin using data science practices to make their work efforts more efficient, effective, and interesting. This book uses plain language and a friendly approach to overview each area of data science, so that readers can quickly decide for themselves which areas are of most personal interest and value.

Topics include:

• Math, statistics, and machine learning
• Internet of Things analytics, data science, and AI
• Data engineering technologies and big data
• Python, R, D3.js, SQL, Excel, and QGIS for data science
• Data visualization, data-driven storytelling, and data journalism
• Business-centric data science
• Data science for ecommerce growth
• Data science for environmental good stewardship
• Data science for crime prevention
• Free tools, applications, and resources for use in data science

Book preview:


If you’re looking for an easy-to-understand guide to serve as a road map through wide and varied field of data science … Data Science for Dummies is the perfect book for you.

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