Books by Lillian Pierson

Data Science For Dummies®, 2017

Topics include:

• Math, statistics, and machine learning
• Internet of Things analytics, data science, and AI
• Data engineering technologies and big data
• Python, R, D3.js, SQL, Excel, and QGIS for data science
• Data visualization, data-driven storytelling, and data journalism
• Business-centric data science
• Data science for ecommerce growth
• Data science for environmental good stewardship
• Data science for crime prevention
• Free tools, applications, and resources for use in data science

Book preview:

Big Data / Hadoop For Dummies®, 2015


Learn to:

  • Understand big data technologies – learn how big data technologies work and the factors you must consider when planning your transition
  • Implement big data – learn the steps you should take to optimize the implementation of your big data project
  • Generate business value with big data – increase revenues, decrease expenditures, optimize IT, and optimize standard business operations with insights generated from enterprise big data

Author: Lillian Pierson, P.E.


Managing Big Data Workflows for Dummies®, 2016


Learn to:

  • Select the best big data technologies for the task at hand
  • Solve business problems using big data technologies
  • Navigate in the world of big data workflows
  • Hire the best big data candidates

Authors: Joe Goldberg, Lillian Pierson, P.E.

managing big data workflows for dummies

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