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You're A

Data Implementer

Your secret superpower is building data solutions. Your meticulous attention-to-detail empowers you to code up innovative solutions that deliver reliable and accurate results – almost every time. And, you love doing it!

You’ve always had a love for data and code. That passion has taken you great places in your life too.

You love the stability that comes with earning a steady paycheck; You're risk averse - which is perfect for what you do: Build data solutions that people can rely on.

When you’re facing an obstacle, you’re a little bit stubborn (in the best way possible). You accomplish the task, no matter how complex it may be. You get the job done, no matter how many trips to Stack Overflow it takes.

This is how groundbreaking technologies are built.

Your unparalleled discipline and inquisitiveness keep you in the problem-solving game -- all the way to git push!

Way to go, you! You started with a simple request and some messyAF data, but you turned it into a clear and accurate predictive data insight (or data system - if you’re more of the data engineering type) - Your implementation skills are something you can really hang your hat on.

You’re a complete BOSS with code - the master of your data domain.

Wait What? Doesn’t sound like you? You’re probably more of a hybrid unicorn… And in that case, you are probably also a good part like this other type of data superhero >> POP OVER TO SEE YOUR OTHER HALF.

Ok Data Implementer, inside that oh-smart brain of yours, it’s likely you’re dealing with your own inner obstacles. - from people avoidance to stage fright, from perfectionism to impostor syndrome - you often find yourself settling for less than you truly deserve (I’m right there with ya, bud!)

From the outside data world, looking in - You’re an absolute star! You’re one of the few that can actually get stuff done. You know how to do SO MUCH! Everyone thinks it just comes naturally to you (and it does) - but secretly you know that your success didn’t happen overnight. You know the truth about all those years you’ve put, in becoming the data implementation prodigy that you are today.

From the outside data world, looking in - you’re the mythical creature all data professionals “should” aspire to be more like. But what the outsiders aren’t seeing is that you’re dealing with your own concoction of stress, fears, and frustrations.

Hey there, I'm

lillian text
I’m an American data startup founder as well as a licensed Professional Engineer. On top of my data-fixation, I’m also obsessed with startup growth & marketing, nitro cold brew coffee, Thai massage, and expat living.

Here's my micro-reel...

When I made the transition to full-time entrepreneur (in 2013), I declined a second interview with Facebook Menlo Park and instead moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I lived off $600/month in order to bootstrap my startup from near-scratch.

This business became a multi-six figure earner for me, I’m fully supported with an incredible team, and we have a thriving online community of 650k data professionals. To date, I’ve educated over 1.7 Million data professionals on topics related to AI. Oh, and I’ve been working remotely for the last 9 years from my luxury villa in the Gulf of Thailand (when I’m not off traveling the world with my loving husband + children in toe).
We help startup founders and leaders make more money by utilizing our powerful growth, marketing & product strategies.

Wanna Know More About Data Implementers?

Grab your computer glasses because I've got something you need to see!

As a Data Implementer, your career prospects are off the chain!

Let me just lay it out for you real quick.

Data Implementer Roles

The following roles are a perfect fit for people whose personalities resonate with the Data Implementer Superhero.

$60k - $75k

Average Annual Salary (USA)

**Lower barrier of entry roles, listed in order of increasing average annual salary


$75k - $120k

Average Annual Salary (USA)

**Higher barrier of entry roles, listed in order of increasing average annual salary

Data Implementer's Top Compensation Packages

The good news doesn't stop there, either! The long-term career trajectory for Data Implementers is almost limitless. Check out these compensation stats that I pulled from


Data Scientist, Level E6

Facebook Compensation Package (2021), according to

But, there are some...

Major Obstacles

There are some major obstacles you'll want to avoid if you ever want to make it to the top.

It's good that you love data and code, because Data Implementer is not a set-it and forget-it type of role.

Once you master your craft is when the real learning begins - you'll have to keep training, keep self-educating, keep going deeper into refining your data implementation skills. Due to the rapid evolution of technology and data-intensive solutions, you'll have to be a lifelong learner. There will never come a day when you've learned it all and can totally relax.

Also, just because you're a Data Implementer doesn't mean you can totally avoid all the big picture stuff. To get hired for top Data Implementer jobs, you'll want to have worked on some massively successful data projects in the past. Most Data Implementers who go the distance to land the big-wig jobs... They've taken the time to educate themselves on how their implementation work actually fits in with the businesses "big picture"... In other words, to get to the top, you want to at least understand how the solutions you build fit in with the company's bottom-line with respect to increasing revenues or decreasing costs.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of relationships. You don't have to go out and be a "Limelight Larry" (yes, I just made that up), but you should be spending some energy in building your professional network. Why? Well, because in most cases, those are the people who will be able to help open doors for you at the very top. Half-a-million dollar plus salaries seldom go to people who work in the dark and that no one knows. Spend time chatting with co-workers, making friends in the field on LinkedIn, contributing solutions to Stack Overflow. This sort of thing can open WAY more doors for you than taking yet another online course on how to implement X, Y, and Z data thing.

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Are you tired of relying on one employer for all your income? Are you dreaming of a side hustle that won’t put you at risk of getting fired or sued? Well, my friend, you’re in luck.

This 48-page listing is here to rescue you from the drudgery of corporate slavery and set you on the path to start earning more money from your existing data expertise. Spend just 1 hour with this pdf and I can guarantee you’ll be bursting at the seams with practical, proven & profitable ideas for new income-streams you can create from your existing expertise.

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