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Love Notes

The Sky-High ROI Club

10% of my previous mentorship clients have scored six-figure contracts in less than 7 months because of the work they did with me & the Data Creatives & Co Curriculum.

Kamerin Lee // CEO - Finetooth Analytics

$370k in 18 months

In 2020, Kam Lee joined my course & group mentorship program. Since March 2020, using my methods, Kam has closed 15 business-to-business (B2B) contracts valued at $310,000. He also pre-sold $60,000 worth of annual contracts for his upcoming marketing optimization SaaS company, which is expected to go live in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021.

Of the sales he has generated since joining, 67% percent has been pure profit. With the optimization of new, custom internal tools, he estimates that by the end of Q4 2021 (when he launches his software), he should be able to drive even more automation -- which should earn Lee’s company anywhere between 75% and 80% percent profit margin.

Jordan Goldmeier // CEO - Anarchy Data

Hit $200k in revenue in 14 months by applying the DCC course methods

Hear from Jordan on his results thus far:

* $200,000 in the first 14 months of joining the course!
* My LinkedIn has grown by thousands of subscribers - I'm on my way to 12000!
* I landed several engagements that were $500/hr or more; and a few that were $1000/hr. One at $3300/hr.
* I fired a client who wanted to underpay me. I then replaced them with a similar client who paid me 10x as much w/o an argument!
* I used Google Keyword search to land a 4-figure deal immediately.
* I landed a $25000 contract paid upfront by focusing specifically on the customers I serve.

Lori-Lee Elliott // CEO - Future Site AR

$100,000 In Just 6 Months!

Within 6 months of starting to work through our course curriculum, Lori-Lee had already achieved some dramatic results, including:

* A 10x increase in website traffic to Future Sight AR - without ads!
* 500+ new LinkedIn followers in two months (representing more than a 200% increase)
* Improved quality of life & mental health

On top of all that, she had also secured a $100,000 contract from a single LinkedIn post she only published as part of the course.

Laura Bolaños // CEO - Ecom Jungle

22x ROI (While Working On a PhD!)

"I needed guidance and motivation. I got much more boldness in my way to deal with clients and providers.
* I grew up my LinkedIn from like 300 contacts to nearly 2000 quality contacts
* I landed my first 20.000€ contract for a single project (less than 3 month total)
* I completed my website and services landing page
* Started working with ideal clients thanks to DCC templates
Thank you so much!!!"
- Laura Bolaños

Rho Lall // CEO - Assume Wisely

45x ROI Within 6 Months!

“When I had the opportunity to sign up for Lillian’s course, I didn’t have the money to pay for it. I saw an opportunity to essentially leverage my credit and pay for the course – not out of my own pocket – but from the new business generated by the course. I put it on my credit card with zero intent of paying it off. Paying interest only, I started the course soon after.”

Impressively, within just 6 months, Rho had achieved a 45x return on his investment -- thanks to a 40% increase in compensation he'd earned using my methods.

Nicholas Lowthorpe // Business Analyst

>185x ROI Within 16 Months

After purchasing my (now archived) Winning With Data Product, Nick applied what he learned to achieve the following:

" In 16 months I've:
* Secured promotions and a new role, which amounts to almost 2x my income in the time period
* Accidentally (I didn't think I would actually get followers...) grew a LinkedIn following from 300 to 18,000+ followers, with 'Winning with Data' as THE catalyst for me starting that journey
* Been on podcasts, given webinars, given guest lectures, and been asked to write a book
* Made 5-figures from both consulting and product sales on LinkedIn
When you consider I have a full-time job and only put a few hours a week into this? It's a very nice salary uplift. "
Data Mania
Lillian Pierson
Yves Mulkers

I sold my project at 3x my normal rate & was able to use the extra revenue to hire a team - allowing me to keep more of my own time to myself.


Within 3 months I was able to get a pay increase for 35% higher!

Adriana Summerow
# of dollars that data professionals like you have reported earning by applying the methods taught inside Data Creatives & Co.
$ 100000
WARNING: The dollar amount mentioned above is not a complete record of all the financial results students have achieved by taking this course. The amount stated above only reflects the new revenues that were self-reported by ~ 15% to 20% of students, with all other financial results remaining yet undiscolosed.

Amber Toro-Keech
Data Scientist & Analytics Product Owner

4x Income Increase!

"I went from zero coding skills to a Data Scientist and Analytics Product Owner role, as well as a 4X increase in my income, in just three years. Using Lillian’s content and recommendations I was able to advance from Data Analyst, to Sr. Data Analyst, to Data Scientist over just three years. I have also been able to build my authority in my domain which has given me the opportunity to speak at conferences and events in my industry. With Lillian’s help I was able to successfully pivot my career into the exciting and competitive data industry. I now have a job that I love and I am just getting started!

I have a job that I love and that makes me excited to get up and work on my projects Monday morning. I finally have an income that I can support my family with and give my kids the childhood that I want them to grow up with. All while still having a happy mom who has time to go to their swim meets and play Minecraft with them on the weekends. It's been an all around life transformation and I was able to achieve every goal I set for myself when I started on this journey."
The percentage of my mentorship clients that have landed a six-figure contract in less than 7 months...
Working with me lead these clients to score huge contracts in Revenue Optimization, Banking, Marketing Data Science, and more... (even a $100k contract in Augmented Reality).
what are you waiting for

What are you waiting for?


What is Data Creatives & Co. (DCC)?

Data Creatives & Co. is a 12-month course & support community designed to help data professionals repackage their data expertise and sell it in businesses they own. This course supports new and aspiring data entrepreneurs to scale to six-figures without ads.

In the words of student, Jordan Goldenmeier, "I'd describe this as an entrepreneur school specifically devoted to data experts & professionals. Most coaching services out there are repeating the same BS from other coaches. In particular, many of them profess misogynist ideals that do resonate with me. I felt this was an inclusive community, that not only spoke to values, but helped me channel them."

Who is this course NOT for? Do I already need to have business before enrolling?

Let's get real clear on who Data Creatives & Co. is NOT for. DCC is not for you if you want to own a brick & mortar consulting firm that does not generate any sales online. And, if you don't have a business set-up already, NO PROBLEM. you don't need to have a business before joining 🙂 We'll help you get your data business set up from scratch... even if you're BRAND NEW (no email list, website, or experience working online required!)

On what schedule will the DCC curriculum be made available?

The DCC curriculum is designed as a process that should be taken in order. There are 4 phases, and each phase is broken into 2 modules. If you pay in full today, you will get immediate access to all 8 modules of the course. If you opt for the payment plan, the curriculum will be released slowly on drip - 1 new module of the curriculum will be released to you every month for 8 months. The entire, sequential 4 phases of curriculum will be released across 8 months, leaving you ample time to complete all phases within the 12-month period of the course.

I am just graduating college, and have no employment experience. Does this program make sense for me?

If you want to start a data business, this program will help you do that. You should have a quantitative background, if you want to start a data business. As far as employment background, Lillian has repeatedly witnessed new college grads hitting multiple-six-figures in their own businesses in year 1, without ever having worked as an employee - period. Lack of employment experience should in no way hinder one from becoming a successful entrepreneur, if they have the grit and self-determination that's required.

What are the educational and professional pre-requisites I should have before enrolling?

Data Creatives & Co. is designed for data professionals, but there are no pre-requisites with respect to education or work experience. If you are passionate about data and have worked with it extensively, even if just in spreadsheets or SaaS applications - you're a "data professional" in our book - this program will support you to repackaging your existing data expertise and selling it thru a business you own.

What type of support do I get when I enroll in this course?

Data Creatives & Co. comes with 12-months of access to a member support group where you can reach out for help on any questions you get as you implement the curriculum. No question will be left unanswered.

Additionally, to help answer more involved questions, we've added a monthly support call, where you can come once per month and speak to Lillian directly to get your questions answered.

Why is course access only 12-months and not lifetime?

We are in the business of getting results for you in your data business. You have to take action to get results. We’ve found that people are A LOT more likely to take action (thus get results) if there is a deadline at which the program expires.

How much time will it take to work thru the curriculum?

That heavily depends on you! How much time you dedicate to work on your business each week... If you implement the entire curriculum yourself or pay freelancers to build your business for you... We've added tons of time-saving features to the curriculum and, if you do all the implementation work yourself, you should be able to get it done in 10 hours per week over 8 months. That said, we're providing you ALL the support you'd need to bring in a team and have them build your business for you at a very affordable rate.

How much does this course cost?

If you join today you'll be able to joiin for $1,397 or 12 payments of $139 per month.

What is the refund policy? Is there a guarantee?

Data-Mania fully believes in it's products. We have ample evidence that shows that the methods inside DDC work, and work well. That said, Data-Mania offers a conditional 14-day refund. For information about this refund policy, please read the Terms and Conditions that are linked in the footer below.

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