A private membership for startup founders and leaders who want to establish strong startup revenue, while validating market fit, all within your first year (even if you have little or no VC funding).


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The percentage of my mentorship clients that have landed a six-figure contract in less than 7 months...
Working with me led these clients to score huge contracts in Revenue Optimization, Banking, Marketing Data Science, and more... (even a $100k contract in Augmented Reality).

Kamerin Lee // CEO - Finetooth Analytics

$370k in 18 months

In 2020, Kam Lee joined my course & group mentorship program. Since March 2020, using my methods, Kam has closed 15 business-to-business (B2B) contracts valued at $310,000. He also pre-sold $60,000 worth of annual contracts for his upcoming marketing optimization SaaS company, which is expected to go live in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021.

Of the sales he has generated since joining, 67% percent has been pure profit. With the optimization of new, custom internal tools, he estimates that by the end of Q4 2021 (when he launches his software), he should be able to drive even more automation -- which should earn Lee’s company anywhere between 75% and 80% percent profit margin.

Jordan Goldmeier // CEO - Anarchy Data

Hit $200k in revenue in 14 months by applying the DCC course methods

Hear from Jordan on his results thus far:

* $200,000 in the first 14 months of joining the course!
* My LinkedIn has grown by thousands of subscribers - I'm on my way to 12000!
* I landed several engagements that were $500/hr or more; and a few that were $1000/hr. One at $3300/hr.
* I fired a client who wanted to underpay me. I then replaced them with a similar client who paid me 10x as much w/o an argument!
* I used Google Keyword search to land a 4-figure deal immediately.
* I landed a $25000 contract paid upfront by focusing specifically on the customers I serve.


Lori-Lee Elliott // CEO - Future Site AR

$100,000 In Just 6 Months!

Within 6 months of starting to work through our course curriculum, Lori-Lee had already achieved some dramatic results, including:

* A 10x increase in website traffic to Future Sight AR - without ads!
* 500+ new LinkedIn followers in two months (representing more than a 200% increase)
* Improved quality of life & mental health

On top of all that, she had also secured a $100,000 contract from a single LinkedIn post she only published as part of the course.
# of dollars that tech founders like you have reported earning by applying the methods taught inside Go-To-Market School.
$ 100000
# of dollars that tech founders like you have reported earning by applying the methods taught inside Go-To-Market School.
$ 100000
WARNING: The dollar amount mentioned above is not a complete record of all the financial results students have achieved by taking this course. The amount stated above only reflects the new revenues that were self-reported by ~ 15% to 20% of students, with all other financial results remaining yet undisclosed.


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Yes! Even experienced founders can benefit from this membership. We provide insights and strategies that can help you refine your existing business, scale your revenue, and reach new heights of success.
Absolutely! This membership is designed to help both new and experienced startup founders. You’ll gain the knowledge and support you need to build a successful startup from the ground up.
You caaaaan, BUT joining now ensures you’ll receive the current pricing, bonuses, and access to the members-only support group. We cannot guarantee these offers will be available in the future.
This membership includes Monday-Friday same-day support in our members-only group, live Q&A sessions, monthly trainings, and customized mentorship tailored to your startup’s needs.
Not at all. This membership will guide you through refining your idea, developing a unique value proposition, and launching your product or service.
Once you sign up for the Go-To-Market School Membership, you’ll receive immediate access to the members-only support group, resources, and materials. Our team will reach out to you with additional information and guidance on how to make the most of your membership experience.
Yes, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee for 14 days after you join the membership. If you’re not satisfied with the membership and resources provided, simply let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.
While our primary focus is on helping you build a profitable startup without relying on outside funding, achieving profitability will help you attract investors if that’s your goal.
Our membership program is designed to help you stand out in any market by developing a unique value proposition, effective marketing and sales strategies, and efficient operational processes. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities for growth and differentiation, even in competitive markets.
Absolutely! The principles and strategies taught inside Go-To-Market School are applicable to startups worldwide. This program includes members from a diverse range of countries and industries, and we’re committed to providing support and guidance that’s relevant to your unique context and challenges.

If you’re a founder or leader looking to build a profitable startup that achieves market fit within its first year, this membership is designed for you. Our program focuses on helping you develop the skills, strategies, and mindset necessary for success, without needing to rely on ads or an existing email list. If you’re ready to invest in your startup’s growth and learn from experienced mentors, Go-To-Market School is the right choice.

The amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to the membership will vary depending on your current commitments and goals. We recommend setting aside at least a few hours per week to engage with the membership’s resources, participate in the members-only support group, and implement the strategies you learn. The more time and effort you invest in the membership, the faster you’ll see results and progress toward your startup goals.
Yes! The Go-To-Market School is designed to support founders and leaders at every stage of their journey. If you haven’t launched your startup yet, this membership can help you develop a strong foundation, refine your business idea, and achieve profitability.
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