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I’m an American data entrepreneur and leader as well as a licensed Professional Engineer. I provide mentorship and education to data professionals through my courses, products, programs, and books.

Here's my micro-reel...

When I made the transition from side-hustle to full-time entrepreneur (back in 2013), Facebook Menlo Park was trying to recruit me for the ultimate data position in Silicon Valley. It was a clear test of my resolve. Without a second thought, I declined those interview requests and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I lived off $600/month in order to bootstrap my business from near-scratch.

This business is now a multi-six figure earner for me, I’m fully supported with an incredible team, and we have a thriving online community of 650k tech professionals. To date, I’ve educated over 1 Million data professionals on topics related to AI, as well as on data leadership and entrepreneurship.

Oh, and I’ve been an expat, working remotely for the last 7 years. While sometimes I’m running my business from my luxury villa in the Gulf of Thailand, other times I’m running it from the road while I travel the world with my loving husband +daughter in toe.

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B2B ♥

It’s not our bread ‘n butter, but we’ve served some incredible B2B clients over the years.

B2B ♥

It’s not our bread ‘n butter, but we’ve served some incredible B2B clients over the years.

How We're

First off: we know a thing or two about supporting massive organizations (like the US Navy & National Geographic Partners) with strategic technical plans. That, and we’re masters at training technical staff to support organizations in making their digital transformations.

1 Million+

We’ve educated about 1 million data professionals worldwide

10% Fortune 100

We’ve supported 10% of Fortune 100 companies.


We’ve got >650,000 #tech professionals in our social communities