First off, there is very little space left for you to book a time to speak and claim 3-months of my dedicated business mentorship support for a whooping $3,000 off the future price for the program! Grab your spot here before it gets booked up! But anyways… That’s right! The Raising My Rates Sale is going to expire soon so get on it! Here’s the thing you don’t believe right now – owning a multiple six-figure data business can be easy (and should be easy). With the right launching and sales strategies, you’ll quickly be able to increase your business revenues; And with that you can afford to build out your team to support your business. When you start relying on your team, you don’t need to feel overworked and uninspired ever again. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Really? Yes. Really really. When I created this 3-month private mentoring offer, I knew it would get clients – how? Because I used a method that I had tested over and over again. That’s how. I’ll be helping you generate this same level of confidence in your business when you commit to this 3-month private mentoring package – Knowing what to sell, who to sell it to, and how – as well as bringing in a team to do most of that work for you 🙂 Secret time: people LOVE spending money. Business decision makers LOVE spending money. Yes. I do. You do. We all do. When I see something that I know will fix my business/body/life/feelings, I put my card down to purchase it. I ADORE KNOWING that when I make sales, I get my clients results. Real results. In fact, over the last 24 months my clients have reported earning well over $2,216,500 in new revenue by using my methods.  Clients like:

  • “We landed a $100,000 contract off a LinkedIn post that I only put up because I was in the program”Lori Lee Elliot
  • “Within 3 months of joining, I was able to get a pay increase for almost 35% higher!”Adriana Summerow
Others have been supported to:
  • 10x their website traffic and double their LinkedIn network size in just 2 month
  • Develop a modest 2 -3 person team, supporting their business requirements
  • Develop gorgeous, robust websites that do the selling for them
THAT – and most of these people are only half way through their time with me (or less). It’s all things go for data entrepreneurs who are ready to step up, show up, commit, and put in the work it takes to build + scale their business. You want results, I want to give them to you. Once you have your offers, your sales strategies, and your team to support you in implementing all of this, 20% – 30% annual business growth becomes a sure shot. Time to claim your seat in the Raising My Rates bargain of $3,000 off my future price for the 3-month private mentoring program.  

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Lillian Pierson, P.E.

Hi, I'm Lillian Pierson, PE (CEO of Data-Mania). I’m a data leader that supports data professionals to get ahead in their own data careers by developing data leadership capabilities. To date, I’ve trained over 1 million workers on the topics of AI and data science. Since 2013, Data-Mania, LLC has provided high-impact training to data-driven professionals so they can support their organizations in making major digital transformations. Additionally, we offer powerful online programs designed to transform data professionals into data leaders.

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