The thing I notice about my clients? They usually have the resources they need to move forward in their business, but they are not scaling their business as quickly (or easily) as they should be. Of course they’re signing some clients, but then they’re stuck working in the business (rather than on it). It’s a pretty overwhelming place to be because – I mean, what’s the point of “working for yourself” if you’re spending 90% of your time doing client work, right? They sometimes get so burnt out and overworked that they even start thinking about getting another J-O-B (Just. Obey The. Boss.) (gasp)

The easiest way to move forward in your data business ?

Master the art of hiring and managing your team. Doing this gives your time, energy and focus back to you, so you can spend your time working in your zone of genius, as well as on your business (rather than in it!)

What is it to build + scale a business though?

I mean “scaling” – that word is so overused nowadays, it seems most people don’t actually know what it means.

You’re building + scaling your business when you’re:

  • Mapping out your lines of business and who’s responsible for what
  • Identifying what gaps you want to fill with new hires, and what areas of business should be eliminated
  • Delegating workflows and tasks to their responsible parties
  • Building a rinse, wash, and repeat launch process and then turning it over to your team for implementation
  • Seeing steady 20% – 30% business growth without increasing your hours worked past 35 hour/week.
  • Traveling foot-loose-and-fancy-free with peace of mind knowing that you’re fully supported on every level.

By focusing on building + scaling (rather than trying to do all the work myself in my business), I’ve been able to sit back and really think about my online community, and how I can best support its members.

I really crinkled my brow and thought about what you really want…

  • More freedom – Like, being able to work from wherever and not report to any 9-to-5 chief station boss
  • More impact – Experiencing first-hand how your data expertise is making a real and positive impact on the lives of others
  • More clarity – Knowing that you’re supported, that you’ve got a clear vision, a plan to move forward and an experienced mentor to support you in struggles that arise

Then I went back to my business and got to work thinking… 

“Lillian, you know you’re rates are going up in mid-July – which will make it harder for some people to be able to work with you”

“Should I not raise my rates? Especially because of COVID”

“Well it’s been almost 2 years since you raised them – so YOU HAVE TO!”

“Hmmm, ok then – maybe I could at least create a sale to offer people one last chance to work with me 1-on-1 before I do the rate increase.”

“Yeh that sounds good- how about we do that on your birthday weekend to celebrate?”

“Really though, your birthday is in like 2 days… can you really pull that off?!?!”

“Heck YES! I’ve done this a million times by now!!”

“What kind of deal are we offering them? $3,000 savings before rates increase?!?! That’s too much!!!”

“Hmmm, let’s make it a 72-hour sale that starts July 9th, and make it first come, first serve – with a maximum of 3 new clients only.”

“OMG! This means I’ll truly be able to celebrate my birthday with my community – and offer them something special before I raise my rates – YES, YES, AND MORE YES”

So I did. I did an 80’s montage of working hard to create this limited edition sale for you. 

To help you build + scale your business easier and faster than you ever imagined!

Introducing the Raising My Rates Sale!!

This is limited time sales on a 3-month PRIVATE mentoring package for data entrepreneurs who are absolutely ready to scale their business fast, without running themselves into the ground. 

For the next 72 hours only, you can get 3 FULL MONTHS of Private Mentorship for $11,000 (representing a $3k savings on future prices ($11,000 $14,000)

Click here to grab one of the three spots available!

Lillian Pierson, P.E.

Hi, I'm Lillian Pierson, PE (CEO of Data-Mania). I’m a data leader that supports data professionals to get ahead in their own data careers by developing data leadership capabilities. To date, I’ve trained over 1 million workers on the topics of AI and data science. Since 2013, Data-Mania, LLC has provided high-impact training to data-driven professionals so they can support their organizations in making major digital transformations. Additionally, we offer powerful online programs designed to transform data professionals into data leaders.

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