Books by Lillian Pierson


Data Science For Dummies®, 2017

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Topics include:

• Math, statistics, and machine learning
• Internet of Things analytics, data science, and AI
• Data engineering technologies and big data
• Python, R, D3.js, SQL, Excel, and QGIS for data science
• Data visualization, data-driven storytelling, and data journalism
• Business-centric data science
• Data science for ecommerce growth
• Data science for environmental good stewardship
• Data science for crime prevention
• Free tools, applications, and resources for use in data science

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Big Data / Hadoop For Dummies®, 2015


Learn to:

Understand big data technologies – learn how big data technologies work and the factors you must consider when planning your transition

Implement big data – learn the steps you should take to optimize the implementation of your big data project

Generate business value with big data – increase revenues, decrease expenditures, optimize IT, and optimize standard business operations with insights generated from enterprise big data

Author: Lillian Pierson, P.E.

Managing Big Data Workflows for Dummies®, 2016


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Learn to:

Select the best big data technologies for the task at hand

Solve business problems using big data technologies

Navigate in the world of big data workflows

Hire the best big data candidates

Authors: Joe Goldberg, Lillian Pierson, P.E.managing big data workflows for dummies

A Badass’s Guide to Breaking Into Data

Available as a free download here:

This guide covers:

Course recommendations for becoming a self-taught data scientist or engineer

Tips on getting real-world programming experience in data

Tips on showing off your data-savvy (and increasing your sphere of influence)

Who you should be following if you want to be a top data professional

How to build an awesome data blog (and make a name for yourself while you’re at it)

Must-do tips for building out your data coding portfolio

Author: Lillian Pierson, P.E.

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