Hiring for a big data author?

Are incomplete sentences a new thing, or…? Honestly, finding a technical writer who won’t bore your readers to tears is practically impossible. Then, adding big data and data science requisites on top of that? Finding a great big data author who’s available for hire is no easy job! While you could go to authors directly, straight from their Amazon listings, most of these people have full-time day jobs and are not readily available for contract work. Another option is to search through LinkedIn profiles, but the vast majority of technical writers there either do not have expertise in the data niche, or they aren’t terribly seasoned as authors.

If you need to hire a big data author, we’ve got great news!! You’ve come to the right place! Lillian Pierson, P.E.,  founder of Data-Mania is a U.S. licensed professional engineer and has authored three Wiley books on the topics of big data and data science since 2015. She has 6 years of professional experience in technical writing and is currently working as a technical writer for hire.

big data author

Hire a big data author that has experience

When you hire Lillian, you’re hiring a big data author that has experience producing:

  • Full-length and custom-ordered books published by Wiley & Sons Publishers for clients such as Dell, Intel, and BMC Software
  • Award winning data journalism articles for publication on Wiley’s Statistics Views website
  • Feature articles on the topics of statistics, big data, data science, environmental, and engineering for online publishers like Wiley, IBM, and UBM
  • Engineering technical reports for government, from local municipalities to federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Defense

Use the links below to access samples of Lillian’s technical writing work:

Enough said? So, what are you waiting for? To discuss hiring Lillian Pierson to meet your technical writing objectives, go ahead and contact her directly through the Data-Mania contact form.

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